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March 1, 2013
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Heads Will Roll by FrancescaAbigail95 Heads Will Roll by FrancescaAbigail95
EDIT: I have taken the canon characters off of Dina's friends list.

Dina's Bio is complete! Well almost, she has two empty spaces for friends!
If you OC wishes to be friends with Dina, simply ask and I shall check out your OC to see if they are compatible.
OKAY GUYS. I realized whilst writing out her profile that Dina is kind of me in MH form. :D Except I don't have dreads :( My hair is nowhere near long enough ahaha. Okay so, here's a little explanation of Dina's profile.

Dina was created by me and my cousin Niamh, who loves Monster High.
She decided on Dina's personality and such, I'm the one who drew her :D
Friends -
As you know she is Deuce's younger sister, which obviously means she is friends with Cleo. Sort of. They are like Clawdeen and Cleo, they have a love-hate relationship.

Dina is also friends with Operetta, as they share a love of music and Operetta is the only ghoul in school who understands Dina wide range of taste in music that ranges from Country to Screamo to everything in between.

She is also Howleen as the have a common issue, being the younger sibling and trying to create their own reputation at MH. I just think they'd be pretty good friends. They both also have that kind of "I rock and I look like I don't try in the morning even though I do" look.

Family -
Okay. I think their is going to be a bit pf controversy about this, but I didn't want Dina to be a carbon copy of Deuce, so with help from my younger cousin Niamh, we decided that Deuce and Dina ((OMG I JUST REALIZED THAT THEY ARE CALLED DEUCE AND DINA LIKE IN SHAKE IT UP * INSERT FANGIRL MOMENT HERE*)) would have separate fathers. Deuce would have more of his mother's genes, and Dina would have more of her father's. Which is why Dina doesn't turn people to stone, she only momentarily freezes them, so there a still some of her mother's traits in her.

Pet -
Okay so i couldn't really think of a pet for Dina that would suit her (maybe except for a bulldog or something) so I left it blank and said she would get a pet when she was 16, As Deuce is 16 and has Perseus. But yeah. I couldn't think of a pet.

I think that's all.

Profile base: :iconbearmoon:
Canon Character Icons: :iconkpendragon:
Friend Decals: :iconkpendragon: and :iconmarzipanmassacre:
MH logo Sticker: :iconkpendragon:
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love the rolling stones shirt!
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I like he personality, its really out there. So musically inclined.
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Can My OC Kitty Koopa Be Friends/Best Friends With Dina Gorgon [link] :D
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Oh, wow, I love her she is so cute. i love the scales you added to her face and shoulder.
does she need any more friends?
FrancescaAbigail95 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh thankyou! :D Yes, she does, she doesn't really have any hahah
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Don't turn people to stone with a gaze? Wait till you get older.
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I smell little sister ;)
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